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Living at The Edge on Washington, you'll be living so close to school you won't need a university parking pass. Tarleton State University is a minute commute from The Edge. Don't believe us?

Walking Distance to Tarleton State University

Welcome Center - 3 Minutes

Administration Building - 4 Minutes

Smith Library - 8 Minutes

Wells Fine Arts Center - 10 Minutes

Davis Hall - 2 Minutes

Howell Education Building - 9 Minutes

Engineering Building - 5 Minutes

Autry Agriculture Building - 15 Minutes

Kinesiology - 12 Minutes

Johanson Science Building - 12 Minutes

Math Building - 2 Minutes

Nursing Building - 4 Minutes

Rickett Library - 10 Minutes

Memorial Stadium - 15 Minutes

Living at The Edge on Washington is like living on campus without being in a dorm or the expensive prices. Our community is so close to Tarleton State University that getting to school will never be a hassle!

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat or need to buy a book for class, there are plenty of places in Stephenville just minutes from The Edge on Washington! There are hotels for when your family visits or stores and food shops to get your late-night snacks for all-nighters. The Edge on Washington is conveniently located down the street from Tarleton State University for when you wake up late for class or need to make a trip to campus. We are conveniently located near a variety of restaurants, shops, and attractions for your entertainment needs when you’re done with your school work.